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Are you a new or established patient of our practice without dental insurance? Take control of your preventive care with a monthly subscription, and save money today!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment are accepted?

All forms of credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

When can I start using my membership?

Your membership is effective immediately!

How do I schedule my preventive care?

Simply call our office and setup an appointment for yourself or your family members.

How can I use my Member Exclusive discount for restorative, elective or cosmetic treatment?

Simply schedule an appointment with our office and be sure to tell us you’re a member. When you arrive, we’ll make sure your membership is “current” and you will be eligible for instant savings off our regular fees.

How do I know if I need the Perio Membership?

If you’re a current patient, please contact us to confirm you’re on Perio Maintenance. If you are a new patient, we will make a recommendation after your initial exam.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

It will be your responsibility to reschedule. Please see our office policy regarding no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Can I add members to my account?

Absolutely! Your entire family can join.

Can I transfer my membership to another dentist?

Your club membership is solely with our office and as such is non-transferrable. If you move to another area, you may cancel your membership at any time.

How can I check on the status of my account?

Give us a call at (541) 689-1645 and we will gladly check your member status.

Can I change or update my billing information?

es! Please call us at (541) 689-1645 to update any billing information.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please call us at (541) 689-1645 to cancel your membership at any time.

If I cancel, can I get a refund on my membership?

No. Refunds will not be provided for dues paid under any circumstances, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments.

How much do I pay to sign up for my club membership?

You’ll pay only the Lifetime Activation fee to join. This fee includes your first month’s membership dues.

Can I prepay my membership fees?

Memberships are currently month-to-month only.

What information is required for me to sign up for my club membership?

An email address for receipts, credit or debit card, full name, address, phone and date of birth.

We always offer a 5% discount on services for patients that pay with cash or check in full at the time of service, or we offer 2% off for patients that pay with credit or debit cards.

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"Legal & Disclaimer"

Membership clubs are not insurance but a payment arrangement provided by 360 Dental Group LLC for services rendered. Memberships are provided exclusively to uninsured patients of our practice and shall not be considered pre-payment for future services or payment for access to discounted services. Rather, our patient members are electing to make regular monthly subscription payments for preventive care instead of paying at the time of each service. Payment for any cosmetic or restorative treatment is due at the time of service. Membership dues must be current in order to receive services. A lapse of 28 days in dues will result in cancellation of membership. Membership club discounts may not be combined with any other offers or discounts. It is solely the patient’s responsibility to schedule and keep their appointments. No refunds will be provided for dues paid under any circumstances, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments. A patient member’s monthly agreement is with the legal entity of 360 Dental Group LLC. Monthly dues and fees for dental services may change at any time.