Best Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening Questions

Best Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening Questions

by Kassandra Silva (SU)

Dazzling white teeth can make your smile very appealing and leave a lasting. positive impression. In fact, studies show that people with bright pearly whites are more likely to get promoted at work and become financially successful. All these are good reasons to give professional teeth whitening a try.

Zoom! professional teeth whitening helps you achieve whiter teeth by up to eight shades in just a single session.  A very quick procedure lasting not longer than half hour at your dentist’s office, Zoom! teeth whitening uses a hydrogen peroxide-based gel which your dentist activates with a special lamp to transform the color of your teeth.

If you are contemplating going for the procedure and you want to learn more about it, check out the list of questions we’ve prepared to help you get a good starting point for your discussion with your dentist.

Talking to Your Dentist About Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Have the following list of questions handy prior to your appointment, so you know the right questions to ask your dentist and consequently make a well-informed decision.

1.     Is teeth whitening the best option for me?

2.     What are the benefits of Zoom! teeth whitening? 

3.     Are several sessions needed to get my desired outcome? If so, how often do I need to come and see you?

4.     How long does a single session last?

5.     What preparations do I need to make?

6.     Does it hurt?

7.     What can I do to enhance the results of in-office teeth whitening or how can I make the results last longer?

8.     What foods or drinks do I need to avoid after the procedure?

9.     Are there any risks involved in Zoom! teeth whitening? Does it have contraindications?

10.  Can I continue using my teeth whitening toothpaste?

11.  What is normal to experience after an in-office teeth whitening? How do I deal with the side effects of the procedure?

12.  Will it make my teeth sensitive?

13.  Can I try Zoom! if I have a cavity or if I have dental crown/s?

14.  What if I am not satisfied with the results of Zoom! teeth whitening?

15.  What are the limitations and satisfaction rate of Zoom!

Zoom! Teeth Whitening Dentist in Eugene, OR

Through Zoom! Teeth Whitening, our very own highly qualified dentist here at 360 Dental, Dr. Ari Binder, has helped countless people in Eugene and all of its surrounding communities achieve dazzling pearly whites and beam with confidence. 

To consult Dr. Binder about Zoom!, call our family dental clinic in Eugene today at (541) 689-1645, or use our convenient appointment request form. We all look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that you will love through and through!