Routine Dental Care Can Impact Your Overall Health

Routine Dental Care Can Impact Your Overall Health

by Kassandra Silva (SU)

The mouth is particularly susceptible to infection because of its vulnerable position as an opening into the body. Because the entire body is interconnected, any oral infection may also infect other areas of the body if the virus or bacterium travels through the circulatory system. Dental infections have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, and memory and cognition issues.

This is exactly why it is so important to have regular visits with your dentist. The dentist will check for any indicators of infection, and any dental issue will be immediately treated. You will also receive preventive treatments including professional cleanings, which will help to thwart any oral infection before it even begins.

Let’s talk about how routine dental care is imperative to maintaining your overall health, and where you can go in Eugene to see an outstanding dentist who can serve the whole family. 

How Can Regular Dental Care Keep Me Healthy? 

It is recommended to have a regular dental checkup twice a year, or more frequently if you have special dental issues. A routine visit to the dentist has two phases: the professional cleaning and the checkup.

A dental hygienist performs the cleaning, and then the dentist conducts the checkup. They will both look for any signs of infection or swelling, and the dentist will also check your tongue and jaw.

You will periodically be asked to have dental X-rays, which can pick up on anything not viewable externally by the dentist. Their job is to help maintain your overall oral health.

Why Do I Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

The dental hygienist will remove any plaque and tartar buildup around the gum tissue or on the teeth. Sticky plaque can turn into hard tartar, and the firmer it is, the more difficult it is to remove.

The plaque and tartar will be removed by the hygienist using special dental tools, so it does not lead to gum disease and eventually to tooth loss. If you do develop any tooth decay, it is much better if it is treated while in its early stages so your natural tooth can be preserved.

Tartar cannot be removed via home dental cleaning regardless of what claims you may hear in advertisements. What they’re really referring to is cleaning the plaque from your teeth before it can harden.

The last step in the routine dental cleaning is the polishing, and this is an optional treatment – but it helps a great deal in removing stains and any remaining plaque from your teeth. It also provides a light protective barrier against bacteria. 

What Happens in a Dental Checkup? 

The checkup is when your dentist checks for signs of cavities, infection, and disease such as oral cancer. The dentist will also look for issues with your jaw, such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint disease, or clicking of the jaw), and will feel your lymph nodes underneath your jaw for any swelling.

If you had dental X-rays, the dentist will also check them for anything unusual. Be sure to tell your dentist about any health issues you have even if you do not think it has anything to do with oral health, because they do want to know everything about your overall health and underlying conditions.

Family Dentist in Eugene, OR 

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