Improve Your Smile, Improve Your Life

Improve Your Smile, Improve Your Life

by Christopher (SU)

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and while that may be true, at 360 Dental, we say that a healthy smile is a key to a better life. Many studies show the real-life benefits smiling brings. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many people to smile confidently. However, the evolution of dental technology has paved the way for people to improve their smiles.


Dental Procedures That Can Improve Your Smile

Here are a few of the most commonly performed dental treatments that dentists use to fix problems with tooth appearance and functionality.


Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that lightens your teeth by several shades. It is particularly beneficial for people whose teeth have been stained by tobacco, coffee, alcohol, or other lifestyle choices.

Numerous teeth whitening treatments can be bought over-the-counter. However, most at-home or DIY kits may impose a health risk or be ineffective. You should instead consult a certified dental professional to carry out the procedure. One of the most popular options is Zoom Whitening.


Orthodontic Treatments

Are your teeth misaligned? Orthodontists focus on treating misaligned teeth. Problems such as crooked teeth or having an under- or overbite are addressed with orthodontic solutions.

 Braces are wire-based tools that an orthodontist affixes to your teeth to help straighten crooked or uneven teeth. It can also realign the jaw. The process is customizable depending on your needs and desires. Patients who get dental braces wear them for an average of 18 months.


ClearCorrect, on the other hand, functions similarly to dental braces, realigning teeth. Its user-friendly design, near-invisibility when worn, and removability, are advantageous to most people.


Retainers are usually recommended as an after-care treatment following dental braces to ensure that the teeth do not misalign.


Dental Implants

Tooth loss can be a big hit to your confidence, especially if it leaves a gap that other people can see when you open your mouth to speak or smile. It can also create difficulties when eating or speaking and potentially weaken the structure of your jaw. Dental implants can fix this problem. Ideally, a well-made and properly installed dental implant will be indistinguishable from a patient's natural teeth.



Unfortunately, not everyone can get dental implants. People who cannot get implants can instead use dentures, artificial teeth usually made out of acrylics, ceramics, metal, or a combination of the materials. They are also removable for easy cleaning.


Benefits of Having a Healthy Smile

Experts suggest that having a healthy smile has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.


Fights Diseases

Having a healthy mouth helps prevent a variety of illnesses. Gum disease can be linked to increased chances for heart attack, diabetes, and the possibility of a stroke. It can even potentially increase your cancer risk, especially in women. By maintaining a healthy smile, you're also maintaining your physical health.


Stress Reduction

Neuropeptides are released into the body when you smile, fighting off stress. Neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which are chemicals in charge of happiness and pain relief, also play a role.


Pass Along the Joy

Turn those frowns upside down! Smiling is found to create a ripple effect, wherein you pass the good vibes to a stranger when you smile. Studies show that it is natural for us to start smiling when another person is smiling.


Increase Productivity

A person who smiles more often tends to complete more work or activities because they are less stressed. Being happy helps you do your tasks correctly and in a timely fashion. Endorphins help with happiness and assist your immune system; negative thoughts can create damaging chemical reactions that decrease the effectiveness of our immune system. Smiling, and by extension, endorphin production, can put a stop to the negativity.


Tips for Oral Health Improvement

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your dental hygiene:


  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Do not forget to clean your tongue, as well, using either a tongue scraper or lightly brushing with your toothbrush.
  2. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles are frayed. They can harbor bacteria over time, so it is critical to your dental health to switch them out.
  3. Flossing helps in maintaining your dental hygiene. Your toothbrush can't get in all the crevices between your teeth, but flossing can.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly.


Dental Care in Eugene, OR

Improving your smile doesn't just mean looking pretty for the camera. It also has many physical and mental health benefits. Having a healthy mouth prevents disease, can reduce stress, and can make you happier and more confident in yourself.


If you want to know more about proper dental hygiene and how to improve your smile, do not hesitate to consult with 360 Dental’s Dr. Ari Binder. You can reach us at (541) 689-1645, or you may schedule an appointment online.