What Can You Not Eat With a Crown?

What Can You Not Eat With a Crown?

by Aaron Glueck (SU)

Dental crowns are custom-made heavy-duty porcelain replacements for damaged or weak teeth. Without dental crowns, you are at the potential risk of damaging the teeth further because they are left vulnerable to disease and bacteria. With the use of dental crowns comes the responsibility of adequately caring for your teeth. Preventive measures should be taken to protect existing teeth from tooth decay and gum disease and the crowns from damage.

Why Avoid Certain Food or Drinks?

Your teeth are more sensitive right after surgery. Therefore, some food and drinks can cause damage to your dental crowns. Aside from that, the overall health of your teeth can also be affected by bad nutrition. Prolonging the lifespan of both your artificial and natural teeth require carefully looking into what foods you should avoid.

Food to Avoid After a Crown Procedure

Sticky Foods

These are one of the biggest threats when it comes to the lifespan of your dental crown. Sticky foods like caramel, chocolates, and candy make your teeth stick together and pull on your dental crowns. This can cause the crowns to become loose or pull them off your teeth completely.

Hard Foods

Eating hard foods puts considerable pressure on your teeth. As durable as your crown may be, regularly chewing on hard foods can dislodge it. Worse, it can also break over time.

Sugary Food and Drinks

Foods with high sugar content can leave some of it behind right where your crown meets the gum line. Sugar buildup at the crown’s base is a concern because bacteria and plaque thrive on sugar.

Acidic Food and Drinks

Regular exposure to acidic foods and beverages can cause the protective enamel on your teeth to erode. Dental crowns cover the surface of your damaged tooth, but some areas may still be exposed. If these areas come in continuous contact with acid, you run the risk of eroding the outer layer of the tooth. If you must, follow up with water to neutralize the acid.

Generally, you should avoid foods that falls under the categories stated above. However, refer to the list below for a more specific reference:

  1. Nuts Although healthy, they can be a pain to eat after a crown procedure.
  2. Crunchy vegetables – Just like nuts, these can easily damage your crown. To avoid this, it’s best practice to cook your vegetables thoroughly until your crown has permanently adjusted in your mouth.
  3. Cold foodYour teeth are much more sensitive after a crown procedure.
  4. Raisins – Snacking on raisins and any other sticky, dried fruits can easily pull the crown right off your tooth.
  5. PopcornThis is a staple for movie nights but be careful since the wedges can get stuck in your teeth, leading to crown damage.
  6. Steak and other hard meatIf cooked inadequately, this can be hard to chew and can damage your crown.
  7. Hot soupsAlthough they may not cause any permanent damage, some patients report discomfort when eating hot foods due to extra sensitivity.

Dental Restoration in Eugene, Oregon

Your dental care restoration journey does not stop when you get your crown installed. You are also responsible for maintaining your dental health and ensuring the longevity of your teeth and dental crowns by avoiding certain foods and maintaining good oral care habits.

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