Making Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

Making Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

by Holly (SU)

Kids are quick to tell you what they want or don’t want to do. As a parent, however, your job is to make sure that their hygiene and health matters are taken care of – even when that means struggling to get them to brush their teeth morning and night. Kids will throw tantrums or simply try to avoid the activity altogether, but brushing is a vital part of oral care that you want them to learn at an early age.

As soon as their first tooth comes in, brushing should become a part of their day. Once it becomes part of their routine, brushing and dental hygiene will become second nature and something you no longer have to worry about. Brushing up to two minutes if possible helps keep tiny mouths free of bacteria and keeps their teeth – even the baby ones – from developing decay.

Brushing can be fun! Here are some ways to get your kids excited (or at least resigned) to brush their teeth.

Make it a game

Play dentist.  Purchase a dental mirror and have the kids look into your mouth. Encourage them to ask questions. There are other clever games you can play too. Have them focus on one tooth at a time or have them try to say a tongue twister while brushing. Be sure to always use a very soft brush; many kids assume wrongly that more aggressive brushing is better brushing.

Offer rewards

Don’t think of it as a bribe, more like an incentive. This can be something that is free – and ultimately, beneficial – such as 10 more minutes of reading time, choosing their favorite bedtime story or getting to pick out their own clothes for a day. If the kids are smaller, remind them that the Tooth Fairy prefers clean teeth. Be sure to remind the Tooth Fairy to follow through on her promise!

Educate them

Whether or not George Washington really had wooden teeth (he didn’t) can make a lasting impact on the imagination. Showing them how important it is to care for your teeth and the consequences aren’t exactly fun, but it might help them understand why it’s important. Show them mommy or daddy’s teeth and how you care for them every night before bed, too. Google images of bad teeth (if the kids can handle it).

Add music

Anything is instantly more fun when you add music and the option to dance! Download an app that plays music for the amount of time of a healthy brushing. This way, you can sing, dance and brush while the song is playing and once it stops, it’s time for bed. You can also play favorite songs of theirs, too!

Invest in fun dental care items

Many popular brands of high-quality toothbrushes and toothpaste come adorned with images of superheroes, Barbie dolls, unicorns, ponies, and Hot Wheels cars. Plus, quality fluoride toothpaste come in fanciful flavors like bubble gum that might leave little ones’ mouths feeling fresh and happy over stronger adult brands. Some kids may appreciate a water pick or battery-operated toothbrush.  Investing a few dollars in a Superman or Wonder Woman toothbrush might be just the trick you need to ensure super/wonderful lifelong smiles!

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