How 3D X-Ray Imaging Can Help Your Dentist Better Diagnose Your Oral Condition

How 3D X-Ray Imaging Can Help Your Dentist Better Diagnose Your Oral Condition

by Natalie (SU)

3D dental X-rays are also called cone scan X-rays. They use the same technology as CT scans for imaging, but with less ionized radiation. This makes 3D dental X-rays even safer. There is no need for the uncomfortable bite wings used for traditional 2D X-rays, and a full scan is completed in about 30 seconds.

 In the case of dental implants, cone scan X-rays give your dentist a detailed view of adjacent structures to the tooth being replaced. Before the post is surgically implanted, your dentist must determine whether there is sufficient healthy bone in the jaw to support a post, and where the ideal placement of a post would be.

 3D X-rays provide images of the skull, soft tissue of the mouth, teeth, as well as nerves, muscle, bone density, and more. With just one short scan, any infections that are present can be diagnosed. Your dentist can see and treat sinus issues caused by dental roots, and create treatment plans for root canals, implants, and extractions.  

 If you have a dental emergency or serious health issue like an oral infection, you don’t have to wait for appointments and costly CT imaging at separate facilities. The introduction of cone scan 3D X-rays means that people will be more comfortable, safe, receive accurate diagnoses, and prompt treatment.

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