The Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

The Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

by Shearly (SU)

The holiday season is almost here. It’s a time of celebration, of parties, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. And of course, you want to look your best. If you have been thinking about whitening your teeth for the holidays, maybe it’s time to look into the benefits of Zoom! Whitening. We all want a beautiful, pearly white, healthy-looking smile. But as we age, combined with some of the habits we partake daily (our morning ritual of 2 cups of coffee), our teeth tend to lose their luster over time. The answer is Zoom! Whitening. Zoom Is a non-evasive treatment that usually takes just a little more than an hour for a smile that is up to 10 times whiter.

What Causes Stained Teeth and How Can Zoom Whitening Help?

There are many causes of stained teeth. These can include the natural aging process, diet, and inherited genetics. In addition, too much fluoride, certain medications, damaged teeth and poor oral hygiene, can all affect how your teeth appear. The good news is that, not only is Zoom Whitening extremely effective and painless, it requires less time than other whitening systems.

Zoom whitening works to combat staining and discolorations by using a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel on your teeth. A high-intensity UV light source is directed on the teeth to unlock the specially formulated whitening gel. The whitening solution is not so strong that it would damage the tooth enamel. In one visit your teeth can be 6 to 10 shades lighter. There is no work on your part, just sit back and relax. The Benefits of Zoom Whitening include:

·      Quick results: In about 45 minutes, Zoom! Other tooth whitening systems take several treatments sessions to give patients the results they desire. Zoom is different because it is designed to dramatically improve the teeth, making them more radiant in one visit to the dentist. Also, the results from one session of Zoom are typically better than the final result of longer-term treatments. On average, Zoom produces an enhancement of 8 shades whiter than before treatment.

·      Long lasting: Zoom whitening is intended to last for a long period of time by concentrating on excellent oral hygiene, and with occasional cosmetic touch-ups. Zoom can leave your teeth looking bright for up to 6 months. The specialized whitening gel is formulated so that it penetrates deeper into the teeth than other whitening solutions. As a result, the teeth remain white and bright long after the initial Zoom treatment.

·      Safer: Having your teeth whitened in a professional setting is far safer than an over-the-counter whitening system that may cause tooth sensitivity. Being in a dentist office where a professional can monitor the process ensures that everything proceeds according to plan.

The best benefit of Zoom!, of course, is a better-looking smile you can enjoy showing off. A brighter smile helps to brighten up your face and gives you more confidence. If Zoom sound like something you are interested in, or you or someone you love are looking into teeth whitening in Eugene, Oregon, Request a teeth-whitening consultation online or call (541) 689-1645 today to schedule an appointment.