Should I Use Home Whitening Kits for Whiter Teeth?

Should I Use Home Whitening Kits for Whiter Teeth?

by ih-bfd admin

DIY teeth whitening kits are available to the general public just about anywhere you shop – your local drug store, grocery store, and even some convenience stores now carry these kits. They contain whitening strips that are easy to apply and easy to remove, making the process extremely convenient when you don’t want to waste time making an appointment, but are they safe? Without professional supervision from Dr. Ari Binder or his experience in the application, they may not be.

Whitening strips and gels use hydrogen peroxide to essentially bleach your teeth back to their pearly white color. Depending on where you shop, you could find teeth whitening kits for very little cost. However, they are often of unknown quality and effectiveness, so it may be a total waste of money, even if it’s only $20. 

Unfortunately, there are kits on the market that promise extremely fast results but they may use more hydrogen peroxide than is safe, potentially damaging your gums. However, if the whitening solution doesn’t contain enough hydrogen peroxide you will need to use the product for a longer time before seeing any noticeable results. Long-term use of bleaching products may result in increased tooth sensitivity.

Aside from the balance of bleaching agent in your whitening gel, there are other important questions you must first ask yourself before using a DIY kit:

Will teeth whitening be effective on me? The effectiveness of the teeth whitening procedure often depends on the coloring of the stains you wish to remove. Yellowed teeth respond well to teeth whitening, whereas smokers who have grayed teeth or others with brownish coloring may not end up with great results.

Is whitening an option if I have dental fixtures? It may be, depending on which procedures you have undergone. Pre-existing fillings, crowns, or implants may incur irreparable damage from home whitening kits.

If you are thinking about having your teeth whitened and you wish to utilize a home kit, first consult with your friendly family dentist Dr. Binder. He will discuss the benefits of having an in-office, supervised laser whitening procedure and the anticipated effectiveness a whitening procedure will have for you based on the coloring of the stains you wish to remove.

If you would feel more comfortable in your own home or require other conveniences of home whitening, dentist-approved custom-made teeth whitening trays with safe whitening gel are available as well. One great thing about this option are the custom fitted molding trays made to uniquely fit your teeth.

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