What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

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When your teeth or gums are hurting, you know it’s probably time to schedule another annual appointment to see your friendly family dentist, Dr. Ari Binder. But when Dr. Binder is examining your teeth for the root cause of your pain, how does he know exactly what procedures need to be done?  Here’s some insider information about dental crowns and tooth bridges to help give you an idea. 

If you’ve never needed root canal therapy, then you might not know just how painful an infected tooth can be. One bad cavity can dig straight through the layers of your tooth and expose the inner root canals to infection. Your root canals are tiny openings within the roots of your teeth that are filled with a pulp made from blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. If this layer of pulp becomes infected it can become inflamed and very painful, due to the narrow space housing the nerves.

Root canal therapy allows Dr. Binder to dig into that layer and remove the pulp from the infected tooth altogether. Afterwards, the top of your tooth is exposed and needs capping. In order to properly cap your tooth, Dr. Binder uses a porcelain or metal dental crown shaped to fit exactly to your bite pattern.  These crowns provide strong and durable support that will protect the exposed tooth, and should last for years to come with proper care. 

Sometimes, crowns can be used to cap a healthy tooth adjacent to a tooth bridge. If you have lost or missing teeth, a tooth bridge created to look and feel exactly like your missing teeth can be anchored to the crowns on the adjacent teeth for extra durable support. Tooth bridges are prosthetics that are often made of porcelain. They can be colored and shaped to fit your bite pattern and look completely natural.  Whether due to a removal procedure or disease that leads to decay, ask your Binder Family dental experts about the benefits of installing a bridge to replace lost teeth.

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